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Together with our partners we offer customized and unique training solutions for the Aerospace Supply Chain. In addition, we offer a set of standardized open training classes.



Draw on our experience to complete your projects in an effective and efficient manner. Our global network of experienced trainers and consultants will help you to establish Operational Excellence as the core principle of your organization.


Accessing new markets in Aerospace

In order to enter an industrialized supply chain as required in the Aerospace Industry, you need to know what it takes to break into that field. We will help you to fully understand the very specific requirements in this industry through a highly customizable blend of training modules.

In a further step, we run individual capability assessments within your organization to identify any potential gaps that are standing in the way of a successful and sustainable entry into the supply chain. These assessments will not only include your technical capabilities, but also more importantly your capabilities to respond to production ramp-up.

In a subsequent step, together with our network of consultants we can provide you with a custom-tailored implementation of proven methodologies to close these gaps.

Increasing your competitive advantage

In order to maintain and increasing our clients’ competitive advantage we help them to stabilize and advance their position within the supply chain.

In order to maintain your competitive edge, we offer a series of unique capability building solutions, where we not only keep you up-to-speed but more importantly enable you to anticipate the most relevant developments in both industries.